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Blacksburg, VA 24060
United States
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 I believe: 

Artists are the Bravest people in the world because they choose to share their souls with complete strangers. 

When Life gives you Lemons, make Lemon Meringue Pie

Vanilla is the flavor of the gods 

In naming my Plants. I talk to them, too! 

In wearing Black. All the Time. Except to Funerals. 

that being nice to rude Customer Service Reps is the Very. Best. Revenge. 

that you're never truly naked with awesome hair products. And Glitter. 

In Bare Feet. Hiking Boots. And Show Girl Heels. 


Coffee is my Crack. I'd snort instant crystals if it would deliver a bigger jolt! 


I worship the Sunrise over the ocean and have been known to make an overnight 8-hour pilgrimage just for a few moments of delicious salty air. 


I believe in sleeping in 1500-thread count sheets and Camping without Electricity. Dichotomies don't scare me! 


I am the Playful and Spontaneous Photographer based in Blacksburg, Virginia.

I love to travel & keep a bag packed, ready to go, at a moment's notice. 

Entice me... What's your passion? 


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